Transfer Pricing, Real Estate

German Tax Court Decides on Exemption of Real Estate Income from Trade Taxes

Geoblocking, Geoblocking-Verordnung

Online Advertising Fees not subject to German Withholding Tax

Geoblocking, Geoblocking-Verordnung

Follow up: Tax Authorities’ About-turn: No Withholding Tax Obligation on Fees for Online Advertising

Geoblocking, Geoblocking-Verordnung

Some German Tax Auditors Apply Withholding Tax on Fees for Online Advertising

Entstrickung, wohnsitz Steuerrecht

New Taxation for Nonresidents Selling Real Estate

New Mandatory Reporting of Cross-Border Tax Arrangements

Gesellschaftsrecht, Genossenschaftsrecht

New taxation of foreign investments in German real estate

Europa EuGH EU-Komission

Taxation of the Digital Economy in the EU